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Sowmya Iyer
Founder and CEO,
DViO Digital

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Sowmya Iyer

Founder and CEO,

DViO Digital

Sowmya Iyer is the Founder and CEO of DViO Digital - a global creative-tech and digital-first marketing organisation. DViO’s offices are in UAE, India, Qatar and KL with over 200 digital and creative technology experts working for DViO.

In addition to being the driving force behind DViO, Sowmya is also a start-up investor, a TEDx Speaker and Chief Mentor at the MAD-Tech Incubator, a marketing incubator for start-ups in advertising, content and marketing technology.

She started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 17. She has run a youth portal, been a journalist and a TV Anchor, run an engineering design start-up and worked extensively in media research — all before the age of 22.

She started DViO in the year 2011, initially with a set of investors and eventually bought them out to own 100 % of the company.

Her education in English Literature and Arts combined with running digital and technology companies early in her life helped her build DViO as a company that specialises in convergence of Creativity, Digital Channels and Technology to achieve business growth for its clients.
DViO today works with over 100 clients globally.

Sowmya is particularly known for her interest in the start-up eco-system. She started an incubator for ad tech and marketing tech start-ups. The idea of the incubator is to connect the world's innovative technology with brands and businesses DViO works with.

DViO's incubatee and partner companies are working on technologies like Video Tech, Content tech, VR and AR, ML and AI. DViO helps integrate their solutions to solve real business and marketing problems.

With the incubator - which keeps adding new technology and companies to it every year -- DViO has created a unique positioning of a creative and digital company that's always riding the Next Wave.

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